Worlds 2017: Longzhu Gaming vs. Samsung Galaxy

Matt Buchanan has the first match report on the League of Legends “Worlds” quarter-finals in Guangzhou, China.

October is the season for shocks and surprises and last night’s (Thursday’s) League of Legends World Championships quarter-final match was full of both.

Samsung Galaxy tore apart Longzhu Gaming in a 3-0 clean sweep in their best of 5 quarter-final match in Guangzhou, China.

Worlds sees the best of the best face off on Summoner’s Rift for the right to become World Champions and if last night’s game was anything to go by, we can expect more amazing games and possible upsets in the upcoming quarter-final matches.


The match was a horror show for many avid League of Legends fans who were awaiting a dominant Longzhu run all the way to the Final.

The result unfortunately ends Longzhu’s Worlds debut and dream run after they went from player and staff salary scandals and being placed under Korean eSports Association (KeSPA) administration to League Champions Korea (LCK) Champions and Worlds finals favourites.

The loss also means none of the regional champions from Korea, China, North America and Europe remain in the competition.

Samsung locked Longzhu out with some clever champion drafts and did what few teams could – restrict Pray and Gorilla from making any plays in the bottom lane.

One of the standout performances was from Samsung’s jungler Ambition, who greatly improved on his group stage performance to maintain heavy pressure across the map, making life that much harder for Longzhu’s jungler, Cuzz.

Ambition’s proactive play opened the floodgates for Samsung who took early leads in all three games which quickly snowballed into a complete rout for Longzhu.

Samsung’s mid-laner Crown also enjoyed success, despite some pressure from Longzhu’s mid-laner Bdd and giving up first blood early in game one. Crown managed to turn his fortunes around to pick up the series MVP award.

Longzhu occasionally showed moments of brilliance while playing from behind, showing off the style of play that made them Korean Champions. But it wasn’t enough to overcome the gigantic leads Samsung had already built up.

The lack of international experience showed for Longzhu, evidenced by some greedy plays by Bdd in the first game which Samsung capitalised on.

Bdd was later left in the dust over the next two games as he was pressured into staying mid, helplessly watching as Samsung’s Crown was able to roam and dominate.

Longzhu’s top-laner Khan was also unable to provide the impact they sorely needed, and despite some great play in game three it was simply too little too late – and a botched initiation by Khan ended up costing Longzhu game three, sealing their fate.

Samsung will now face either Team World Elite or Cloud9 in the semi-final as they look to improve on last year’s performance, where they were runners-up.

The next quarter-final is tonight (Friday) at 7:00pm with reigning Worlds champions SK Telecom T1 up against Misfits Gaming. Catch these games for free on Twitch or Youtube– Matthew Buchanan

(Featured Image: Screenshot from LoLeSports) 

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