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Tori Shipman sentenced to three years in jail

Hunter Valley mother Tori Shipman pleaded guilty to dangerous driving occasioning death and dangerous driving occasioning grievous bodily harm after crashing her car while under the influence of drugs. The accident resulted in the death of her two-year-old daughter in August last year. Her three-year jail sentence will be backdated 13 months, making her eligible for parole in early 2017. Acting Judge Norman Delaney described the case as being “in the top one per cent of the tragic circumstances that I have ever encountered”.

Crown staff arrested in China

Chinese authorities have officially arrested three Australian Crown Resorts employees, including executive vice president of VIP international (a division of Crown) Jason O’Connor. The arrests come after 18 Crown employees were detained on suspicion they were organising gambling activities for Chinese nationals. Gambling companies are not allowed to advertise their products in China as part of a nationwide corruption crackdown launched in 2012 by Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Koala habitat under threat

The NSW State Government has proposed changes to the 1995 Koala Habitat Protection policy, concerning conservationists. Daisy Barham from the Nature Conservation Council said: “We’re really concerned that the Government’s proposed changes weaken the definition of what koala habitat really means.” The changes to the policy include developers no longer being required to have site-specific plans for koala habitats as well as local councils no longer having to zone key koala habitats in their Local Environment Plans. The government believes the changes will be an improvement by making developers consider habitats earlier in planning and to make it easier to assess proposals that could harm koala habitats as well as increasing the list of trees known to support koala populations from 10 to 65.

Census had “significant and obvious oversights”

A recent report on the issues surrounding the August 9 Census has found there were several significant failures on the part of IBM, such as inadequate preparation beforehand and also a lack of online protection. Speaking on 3AW radio Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull slammed IBM. “This was not a particularly clever attack or some great international assault on the Census,” Mr Turnbull said. “This was a series of common or garden, utterly predictable, utterly foreseeable denial of service attacks.”The report also criticised the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ delayed preparation.

Queensland man earns hero status

Daniel McConnell of Hendra, while clad in only his undies, chased down a man who had crashed into the neighbouring fish and chip shop, eventually aiding police in arresting the man. Following the incident Dan went on to provide what could be considered one of the most Australian interviews ever.  “It’s just something you do for the community mate. You look after your mates and your mates’ll look after you,” he said in the interview, which has gone viral. – compiled from online sources by Matthew Buchanan

Top photo from 7 News Sydney’s twitter feed.

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