VIDEO: What is Tricking?

Tricking is a performance-oriented martial art that combines kicks, flips and twists in aesthetically pleasing sequences.

Tricking physically incorporates martial arts, gymnastics, weapons and breakdancing elements.

The defining quality of tricking that differentiates it from parkour and free running is its martial arts origin.

The finesse and skill required to handle the demands of martial arts make tricking something that is more challenging to accomplish.

Hatch journalist Jessica Staveley visited Destiny Martial Arts and spoke to Hyper Australia athlete Brodie Rodrigues who teaches tricking and kama weapon training classes.

“The best thing about teaching is seeing the smile on the kids faces when they learn a new skill or a new trick… there’s nothing better,” said Rodrigues.

Rodrigues also trains and performs with DMC: Dauntless Movement Crew, a Sydney-based entertainment group specialising in tricking, acrobatics and fire stunts.

“Tricking is my way of expressing myself through movement. It’s a sport where I can zone out and escape reality and just be in a place where it’s just me and my thoughts.” – Produced by Jessica Staveley

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