Why study journalism? This is why

Macleay students Juliane Lehmayer, Liam Mendes and Ruby Schofield.

Students Juliane Lehmayer, Ruby Schofield and Liam Mendes discuss why they are studying journalism and why it is more important now than ever.

Not gonna lie, it’s a strange time to call yourself a journalism student.

Partly because we are still entering virtual Zoom meetings instead of class rooms.

But, generally, the newsroom future doesn’t look too bright. Hundreds of jobs are being cut, papers closed down and news wires shut. Journos all over the country are warning news is under threat.

So why should we even invest in a specific journalism degree when we can instantly share our opinion on Instagram and Twitter?

Moreover, how can the next journo generation still feel confident, when each day we read stories about cutting funds and reporters who are being let go after decades in a newsroom?

Us three Macleay students may have not met in person yet, but we had a quality Zoom hang to chat about all of this.