The world of the licit drug trade

A few months ago, I started noticing that a lot of people were turning to prescription medicines to enhance their studies. Only the prescriptions weren’t theirs; they were buying these pills from the people they were actually prescribed for.

It got me thinking about how this sort-of black market for legal drugs was happening and on what scale. I could rattle off information I found in reports on the internet like how in 2013, non-medical uses of prescription medicines were found to be at its highest level since 1998. With around 4.7 per cent of Australians misusing these drugs according to the National Drug Strategy Household Survey. But what I decided to do instead was to talk to the people involved in the whole process.

What are the motivations in selling your script? Why buy these prescription meds? What is being done by the authorities to control this growing trend? And in talking to these people, I can show you some unique insights into the world of licit drug trade.