‘Rent-bidding’ apps the latest kick in the guts for renters

Have you heard of Rentberry?

Rentberry is a controversial American housing start-up that hosts online auctions in which tenants bid against each other in online auctions, eBay style, pushing the rental price higher and higher and higher until all but one of the bidders are left weeping. The lucky one euphorically claims victory – paying way more than the “guideline” rental price.  The sky’s the limit, really!

Sounds great doesn’t it?

The app’s creators reckon landlords will choose tenants by using things like referencing and credit checks to find those who best fit the property, instead of operating in the real world and just choosing the ones who will simply pay them the most money.


It’s just one of a wave of rent-bidding property apps set to hit Australian shores later this year, when along with Live Offer and Australian start-up Rentwolf, they can deliver a fresh kick in the guts to young people and renters alike.

It’s not as if the housing market is super easy to get into, and young people are living it up in impressive spacious apartments, or regularly skipping meals to keep a roof over their head.

If measures like this already exist to flog the housing market into a whole new realm of anxiety and unaffordability, what fresh hell can the stormy housing seas hold for young people? What other ludicrous concoctions could we create to mess with people’s lives?

Here is a list of stupid housing-related apps I would like to see:



Hey you! Are you mind-bendingly drunk and can’t work out where your house is? Are you sitting in the gutter dreaming about strolling up the stairs of the modest abode right in front of you? Wonder no more, with Houser! – a house-sharing app for degenerates. Simply request a bed from our range of accommodation from couches, bunk beds and floor space in the Houser X range, to master bedrooms and en suites in the Houser Black collection. Crash where you like, with Houser!



Not sure if you want to live with prospective roommates or just sleep with them? Blur the line between friendship and awkward pre-coital chit-chat with Panter. Swipe right and charm the pants off your flatmates! Combine with your existing Tinder profile for increased satisfaction!


Is your house crap? Struggling to sell? Is it falling off its foundations or sliding down a sinkhole in your backyard? Valenciagram is here to save you! Use the versatile Valencia Instagram filter to over-saturate colours and make your scrapheap look much more appealing to buyers!

Check these incredible transformations!




It really is amazing! Available on the App Store and Google Play for $100 per week! – Jackson Barron

Featured image is promotional material from Rentberry’s website.

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