Photo essay: Stripping down stereotypes

Not many people would consider working as a stripper. However, earning more money than a lawyer may make some people reconsider.

Abbey from Europe worked as a stripper in Sydney to fund her trip back home. The average salary for a stripper is about $1000 dollars per night, while a lawyer receives just over $1000 dollars a week.

But compared to legal positions, where only 20 per cent of workers are female, most strippers in Australia are women (92 per cent). And stripping is one of the few industries where the women are earning more money than their male counterparts.

Some people believe stripping is a empowering for women; a step towards feminism and believing in yourself. While others say it is little more than “selling your body to men” with no respect or class. Either way, the reality is that most people who strip say they are doing it for the money.

STRIPPER_rebecka davidsson 27 april
Abbey is getting ready for work as a stripper.

Travellers and backpackers sometimes become strippers to afford their travel and living costs. They can earn money quickly and only need to work for a short period of time.

This series of photographs illustrate a moment in the life of Abbey as she was getting ready for work as a stripper. She started stripping when she couldn’t afford her ticket back home. Abbey was living in Australia on a work and holiday visa and travelled around Australia, but when it was time for her to leave she didn’t have enough money. Her average pay was $1000 dollars per night and sometimes she could make up to $1500 dollars a night.

Abbey said it was exhausting to work eight hours every night, walking around in high heels and having to please and flirt with men who are expecting so much from her.

But, now back in Europe with her family, she now thinks it was worth it. It was a means to an end. – Story and photos by Rebecka Davidsson.

STRIPPER_rebecka davidsson 27 april