PHOTO ESSAY: Cabramatta

The south-west Sydney suburb of Cabramatta is one of the richest melting pots of Asian culture you’ll find anywhere in Australia.

Step out onto its streets and you may feel as though you are in the heart of Hanoi or Phnom Penh. There’s a reason it’s often referred to as “Little Vietnam”. From its bustling streets, to the sounds of language from half a world away, to the vibrant colour spilling out of every shop door, it’s an incredible place for a little blonde girl from Wellington, New Zealand, to spend her childhood.

My memories of Cabramatta are as bright and full of life as the streets themselves, and I wanted to capture that in these photos; to share my Cabramatta with all of its chaotic, slightly rough-around-the-edges charm. People who have lived in a place see things so differently to people who aren’t familiar with it; the favourite spots, the nostalgia and attention to detail. It has also undergone incredible change in the nearly two decades since I arrived there, so in a way we’ve grown up together. There’s a sense of great privilege in having seen a place transformed and an entire community thrive because of it. – Ariana Norton 

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