News in brief – Former detention centre staff call for closure of Manus and Nauru

Over 100 former staff at the Manus and Nauru detention centres have demanded that the centres be closed and all detainees be brought to Australia.

The demands of the former staff come after The Guardian published the Nauru files, a report detailing over 2,100 incidents that took place in the detention centre on Nauru over the course of two years. Many of the files were in relation to abuse and half involved children. The staff states in a letter they have each signed that the proposed parliamentary inquiry will not do enough. They have already taken part and given evidence in other inquiries and investigations of the centres. Over 1,800 academics have also signed an open letter to the Prime Minister and all MPs, calling for the closure of all offshore detention centres, the stoppage of all boat turn backs and the end of mandatory detention.

Police to interview Cardinal George Pell

Victorian police will consider flying to Rome to interview Cardinal George Pell, or interview him via video link, after allegations of sexual abuse were made against him by two Ballarat men. Police are currently investigating multiple allegations of abuse against the Cardinal from the late 70s to early 2000s. Cardinal Pell has denied the claims.

Aspect Macarthur school denies locking child in cage-like structure 

A school in Sydney’s west denies locking an autistic child inside a cage structure after a mother claims she saw the incident take place. Lynda Jordan told ABC’s 7:30 that she saw her son, Toby, being placed in the structure by two teachers. Toby also described his experiences and how he attempted to climb out of the cage. Ms Jordan said her son was placed in the cage whenever he had a ‘meltdown’. Aspect’s national director Dr Trevor Clark said Ms Jordan agreed to having her son placed inside the structure as part of a behavioural management plan and he was supervised at all times. – Matthew Buchanan.

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