News in brief – Child abuse allegations against Cardinal George Pell

Two men have reportedly alleged that Cardinal George Pell sexually abused them in the 1970s.

The allegations were aired on last night’s episode of 7:30 on the ABC. The men, who were in primary school at the time, say that the then Father Pell inappropriately touched them when they were playing a throwing game at a pool in Ballarat.

Since the accusations came out, Cardinal Pell has hit back at the claims, calling for an investigation into the Victorian police and the ABC.

He accused the ABC of mounting a smear campaign against him.

Kevin Rudd waiting on cabinet’s UN decision

Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd will learn today whether he will win the support of the Australian Government for his bid to become United Nations Secretary–General. Cabinet members are reportedly divided as to whether they will approve his bid. Despite the uncertainty surrounding the bid, Rudd has garnered support from a diverse range of parliamentarians including Liberal MP Bruce Baird and Independent Bob Katter.

New drug introduced to eradicate Hepatitis C

Australian doctors are predicting that a revolutiopnary new drug will eradicate Hepatitis C by 2026. The treatment involves a three-month course of tablets with a 90 per cent cure rate. Approximately 22,500 patients have begun treatment. The drug is affordable, costing between $7 to $14 for one course if you have a health card. A $1 billion deal was made between the federal government and the drug’s manufacturers to ensure that the drug will be supplied free after the first 13,000 patients have been treated each year.

Marriage Alliance sent anti-same-sex marriage email

The Australian information commissioner has called on the Marriage Alliance to explain why Liberals received anti-same-sex marriage campaign emails when they hadn’t asked to be placed on the alliance’s mailing list. He wrote to the group about the issue on Tuesday, saying that a deadline had been missed to reply to a formal complaint. In April, Liberal Party members complained said they had received unsolicited emails denouncing the Labor Party’s position on marriage equality though they had never supplied their contacts details to the Marriage Alliance. Both the alliance and the party are under suspicion of breaching the Privacy Act.

Royal Commission on juvenile detention

Federal Cabinet will today settle on the terms of reference for the Royal Commission ordered by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull into the abuse of youths held in detention. The commission is expected to focus heavily on the Don Dale centre, where young boys were repeatedly brutalised – as revealed in a Four Corners program on Monday. The Opposition has called for the commission to be broadened to investigate youth detention in all states. Mr Turnbull is understood to want the commission to hold an initial hearing in August, followed by sittings through September, October and November, allowing submission of a report by 2017. – Compiled from online sources by Maddie Wilson and Ben Owusu

 Screengrab of Cardinal Pell swearing on the Bible from the Royal Commission’s live webcast in February.