Hitting the floor with Havana

It’s not every day you get front row for a world class DJ, but that was what happened to me at one of Melbourne’s most prestigious clubs last weekend.

After scoring a last minute VIP reservation from a promoter, I witnessed DJ Havana Brown – one of the greats on the international RnB music scene – light up the stage at Crown for a truly unforgettable night for the crowd.

It was a bit of luck as I never expected to get a ticket after as social networks went wild at the announcement of DJ Havana’s headline event.

The doors opened at 10pm and straight away the vibe was electric, and continued to build as the hours went by.

At 1:33am the stage lights dimmed and the atmosphere in the club went from eager to excited as a figure in shadow entered the stage.

The next thing we knew, the lights were up and DJ Havana was onstage mixing. The club erupted as she stood up and did what she does best.

Havana played some of her best-known hits such as We run the Night and Big Banana, which went well with the crowd judging from the enormous cheers that rang across the club.

Therapy Nightclub promoter Zoe Terese Pais, 19, told me everyone’s expectations had been surpassed.

“The vibe on Saturday night was exciting for everyone including staff, security and the public,” she said.

Zoe got to go back stage after the show and described what it was like meeting an iconic DJ.

“She is amazing, talented and I would love to see her again!” Zoe said.

“DJ Havana influences the RnB club scene though using current songs as well as her own which hypes people who love that style of music.”

DJ Havana Brown is scheduled to play Life on the Gold Coast tomorrow night. Bookings for that event can be made here.

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Story by Aaron Verrocchi. Image via Light at Crown Facebook Page

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