Birds of a feather… (some) Australians welcome Trump

Mark Latham at the Trump supporters party in Sydney

Australia’s conservative politicians have come out in strong support of Donald Trump after his victory in the US presidential election.

The Newsroom lists his most prominent supporters among past and present members of the Australian Parliament, and explains why they choose to support him.

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cori-2The movement against the establishment political parties,
who have consistently and willfully ignored
the mainstream majority in favour
of their own power and self-interest,
is moving across the globe.
Cory Bernardi – right wing Coalition backbencher

Right wing Coalition backbencher Bernardi has been the most vocal Aussie supporter of Mr Trump. The South Australian senator of 10 years, who runs a blog called Common Sense Lives Here and has published a book, The Conservative Revolution, has most recently petitioned the Australian Government on repealing section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act and withdrawing funding to Safe Schools. He is best known for saying, in 2012, that allowing same-sex marriage would lead to legalised polygamy and bestiality, a view that led to his resignation as parliamentary secretary. Although he has almost 20,000 followers on Twitter, he follows only one person. Yes, you guessed it – Donald Trump. Borrowing from Trump’s election slogan, Bernadi has been sporting a “Make Australia Great Again” hat while on a three-month secondment in the US. “Trumpisms” he tweeted during the campaign included “Crooked Hillary”, “Drain The Swamp” and “Make America Great Again”.

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abbottmugshotThe vast majority of Trump supporters are
not deplorables, they really aren’t.
They are decent people who want
to see change inside their country
and that’s fair enough.
Tony Abbott – former prime minister of Australia

Although not as outspoken as others, Abbott was one of the first few Australian politicians to come out congratulating Trump on his presidency. He said Trump’s policies were “reasonable enough” and supporters of Trump were not “deplorables” back in October. Of course Abbott would think Trump’s deporting Muslims and trampling minorities would be reasonable enough given his labelling of ISIS as a “death cult” and his slights against indigenous Australians, including supporting the closure of remote communities because taxpayers should not be expected to fund their “lifestyle choices”. And don’t forget his over-the-top “stop the boats” campaign before he was unceremoniously dumped by the Liberal Party. It’s just unfortunate for Americans that dealing with a Trump presidency isn’t a “lifestyle choice”.

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marklathamFar from being a dangerous warmonger,
Trump has a clear-headed
appreciation of his country’s
best interests — and ours.
Mark Latham – former Labor Party leader

Latham has been an outspoken supporter of the Trump campaign. The former opposition leader (December 2003 to January 2005) was a key organiser of a Trump supporters’ party in Sydney yesterday and told the crowd if someone had told him 40 years ago an American would be running against Wall Street, the foreign policy establishment, the media elites and the “vested interest of corruption at the heart of Washington itself” he would have quivered at the thought and “would want to be [counted] in”. It is believed he didn’t follow through on his promise to run down Pitt Street with a Trump cardboard cut-out screaming politically incorrect statements if Trump won. But he did say Trump’s victory was great encouragement for those who wanted to “campaign against the establishment”. He is one of the few political commentators who is not on Twitter, removing himself from the platform after making derogatory slurs against Rosie Batty, Group Captain Cate McGregor and Lisa Pryor, raging against the “left feminist conspiracy” on issues like mental illness, domestic violence, racism, sexism and motherhood.

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malcolmrobertsmugshotWe have only One Nation,
Pauline Hanson’s One Nation,
that can deal with
a Trump presidency.
Malcolm Roberts – One Nation senator, climate sceptic

Queenslander Malcolm Roberts celebrated Trump’s victory alongside his fellow One Nation colleagues. This week has been a dream come true for the senator, first promoting his report saying the CSIRO lies about climate change, and now basking in the glory of a Trump victory. Roberts, a long-time supporter of Trump, today addressed the media on Trump while carrying the Gadsden flag, a symbol of the American right wing – advertising how far right his ideals lie. Roberts sees eye to eye with Trump on a range of policies including climate change. Trump’s victory normalises One Nation’s toxic rhetoric and will give Malcolm Roberts more confidence to push his anti-establishment, anti-climate agenda.

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screen-shot-2016-11-10-at-12-22-01-pmI just think there was a big change.
We need a change right across
the world. This is a revolution,
it’s called people power.
Pauline Hanson – One Nation senator

Openly celebrating the victory of Donald Trump with a champagne toast outside Parliament House yesterday, outspoken One Nation senator Pauline Hanson said she could see herself reflected in the new US president-elect. Hanson believes Australia is in danger of being “swamped by Muslims” and says Australians will be forced to live under Sharia law if things do not change. Like Trump, she wants to ban Muslim immigration. Hanson said she did not believe the women who came out during the election campaign to say they had been victim to Trump’s unwanted sexual advances, claiming their “crocodile tears” were a “political ploy” to destabilise him. Hanson said of the win “Sometimes dreams do come true” and claimed Trump’s victory proved people were fed up with the rhetoric of major political parties and wanted change.

Top image of Mark Latham addressing a room of “Trump’s Aussie Mates” in Sydney by Jessica Staveley

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