13 things you can buy from vending machines

You may have heard of the Russian vending machine that sells fake Instagram likes and followers. Well guess what? The world of vending machines is a weird one, whether you’re craving live crabs at 2am or a fresh pair of undies. Natalie Maslin has this global roundup for you.

Instagram likes and followers

If you are upset about not reaching 11 likes for your salad photo, never fear: here are the Snatap vending machines in Russia and the Czech Republic. The machines, which sell 100 likes will for less than a dollar, became viral news after journalist Alexey Kovalev posted a Tweet about them on 6 June.

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Fresh Knickers

Need to freshen up a bit ‘down there’? You can buy a fresh pair of ladies’ underwear in Los Angeles:

Really, Los Angeles? Do you people soil yourselves at malls or something? #UnderwearVendingMachine

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It’s not as exciting as it sounds. These machines can only be found in some states of Canada and America where medical marijuana is legalised. Not to mention that you will need a doctor’s prescription.

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If your favourite fish n’ chips takeaway is closed, you could upgrade to caviar if you’re in Los Angeles – and where some machines also sell escargot.


A German denim manufacturer Closed Jeans have released vending machines in Florence selling their products. You would have to know your size because you can’t try them on and you can’t return them.


Crabs. Are alive. In vending machines. If you’re living in China and feel the urge to buy live crabs then look no further, Gaochun Double Lake Crab Company have you sorted – and you can get a side-serving of vinegar or ginger tea.


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Bike parts

Vending machines selling bike parts are a growing trend in North America. There are multiple companies across Canada and the States you can turn to if your bike breaks down:


Do you ever find yourself wishing you could withdraw gold from an ATM instead of cash? Well now you can. Gold to Go machines can be found in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Lisbon, Mendrisio, Tirol, Las Vegas and New York. Now you just need to be able to pay for it.

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Fresh lettuce

Need some greens in your day? These machines created by Dentsu can serve up to 60 heads of lettuce daily.


The Australian sandal brand currently has three vending machines in Sydney which dispense thongs in different colours and sizes.

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Guitar strings

So you’re mid-gig in Melbourne with a broken guitar string. Lucky for you, Toneshop has a vending machine outside Clingan Guitar Tone in Collingwood. And they do drumsticks.


Stuck for something to read? Vending machine help is here for you:


And finally – you can buy Lego from German vending machines – but you can also build your own vending machine out of Lego. Which is arguably a lot more fun.

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Feature image by Vanhalligan via Flickr Creative Commons.