Media in the Age of Trump – Sara James

In the latest in this series of lectures exploring journalism in the Trump era, Macleay College teacher Neil McMahon speaks to Sara James, an Emmy Award winning American journalist living in Australia. 

Her wide-ranging interview with Neil explores the US presidency from the perspective of journalists tasked with covering the White House. She also provides valuable insights for young reporters preparing to enter mainstream journalism.

Sara has lived in Australia since 2008, and covers Australasia for NBC News, filing reports for NBC Today, Dateline, and NBC Nightly News. Her featured segment, An American in Oz, airs fortnightly on ABC News Breakfast.

Sara received the US National Press Club award for her investigation of modern day slavery in Sudan, a New York Festival award for her report on the first woman considered for the US space program, and a coveted Emmy Award for her coverage of the shootings at Columbine High School in Colorado.

She received a Headliner Award for her report on a victim of the September 11 attacks, and a Gracie for her story about methamphetamine addiction in women.

Sara’s report on Australia’s Stolen Generation won the Overseas Press Club of America Citation for Excellence. She also covered the Taliban; the Bosnian War Crimes Tribunal; the Oklahoma City bombing; famine in Somalia; and political upheaval in Haiti.

Sara was the first network reporter to travel to the bottom of the Atlantic to the site of the Titanic for the NBC Dateline/Discovery Channel Special Raising the Titanic.

She is the author of two books – The Best of Friends (HarperCollins) and An American in Oz (Allen & Unwin) – and has edited a third book, An Extraordinary School (ACER Press).

Full video below.