Video: The Colombian Riders hit the streets

Video: The Colombian Riders hit the streets

Sydney’s Colombian riders are a group of motorcyclists who enjoy the camaraderie of riding together every week.

Andres Jaramillo, a member of the group,  told Hatch they’d been riding together for about three years. It now has more than 100 members, 60 of them active riders. Andres is one of a core group of about 20 close friends who are most active in the group.

Andres began riding in Colombia at 15, starting on his mother’s bike. His passion for riding has seen him upgrade to heavier bikes year after year.

Despite the name, riders from elsewhere in South America are welcome; the group includes several Chileans and Argentinians. Anyone can join, but the group has grown primarily through the invitation of friends. Hatch joined Andres on a recent get-together with his mates.

If you are interested in joining – and maybe brushing up your Spanish – head for their Facebook page– Video and text by Rebecka Davidsson

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