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by Brooke Gibbs | November 15 7:33 pm

Hatch’s Brooke Gibbs trawled through social media after the SSM verdict and discovered not everyone’s over the moon.

Social media has blown up and will continue to go off for quite a while after news most Australians approve of same-sex marriage. But it was both Yes and No supporters who turned to Twitter to voice their happiness… and disappointment.

In the moments after the result was announced, posts from Yes supporters clearly out-numbered tweets of anger and disappointment.

My god, I am completely ecstatic. Well done Australia! You did that! Same-sex marriages will soon be legal in Australia and I could not be more thankful to the people that voted in favour of allowing my LGBT brothers and sisters the right to marry! 🌈🌈🌈

— Carl (@_carlburch) November 14, 2017[1]

Well done Australia, The more they try to divide us, the stronger we need to come together as one!#MarriageEquality[2]

— John Setka (@CFMEUJohnSetka) November 14, 2017[3]

One Twitter user expressed her happiness with the results, but was disappointed in her state for having a lower percentage of Yes votes than other states.

Australia says yes 🌈❤️but very disappointed in my State – NSW only 54% for #SSM[4] – time to move to ACT 🌈🌈🌈

— Justine Harris (@justcplusg) November 14, 2017[5]

It wasn’t long before some of the 38.4% of Australians who voted No to same sex marriage, turned to social media to voice their disappointment. This user even suggested the postal vote was rigged, while others attacked Twitter for having a Vote Yes emoji, but none for the opposition.

Why didn’t the #VoteNo[6] hashtag get an emoji or ever trend? Seems unfair for Twitter to side with one idea.[7]

— Ty (@AussieGamr) November 14, 2017[8]

Sad day in Australia, 61% of people voted yes… #VoteNo[6]

— Skampy (@Skampyy) November 14, 2017[9]

“So this is what it feels like to be embarrassed by your country,” one tweeted.

“This world makes me sick. I hate living in a world where homosexuality exists what even is [sic] marriage equality?” another  wrote.

Lyle Shelton, head of the Australian Christian Lobby, broke his SSM-related Twitter silence to acknowledge a No campaigner who had his car windows smashed this morning, allegedly by a Yes campaigner, minutes before the announcement. He tweeted: “… this type of behaviour by either side is unacceptable and unAustralian.” In a separate tweet, he sent his congratulations to the Yes campaign.

Later, in a media conference, Mr Shelton spoke on behalf of the Coalition for Marriage.

“Obviously it’s a disappointment,” he said. “We haven’t quite got to where we want to go… but it’s been a valid effort and I want to thank all the people in this room and all the people right around Australia who got behind the campaign that says it’s okay to say No.”

Coalition for Marriage address the media after Australia votes YES @7NewsSydney[10][11]

— Mylee Hogan (@MyleeHogan) November 14, 2017[12]

Shortly after this, Mr Shelton spoke to Sky News to say his lobby accepted the decision, but believes the vote was biased because: “the Yes side has been campaigning for longer.”

.@LyleShelton[13]: We accept the decision of Australia but the ‘yes’ side has been campaigning for longer. MORE:[14][15]

— Sky News Australia (@SkyNewsAust) November 14, 2017[16]

The Oz Protectionist Party is outraged by the plebiscite and its members are making that clear.

“Yes or No today, I just want to say I will never forgive Turnbull or any of his Gov for putting Australia’s religious community through this,” they tweeted.  Followed by: “They told us there would be no consequences for marriage equality but literally everyone is already telling Lyle Shelton to eat a d#@*”

I hope all my heterosexual followers are doing OK tonight, I can’t begin to imagine how you’re feeling. I want nothing more than for the #VoteNo[6] to win in flying (religious) colours tomorrow and for our government to move fast on fixing our freedoms. #VoteNo[6]

— OzProtectionistParty (@OzProtectionist) November 14, 2017[17]

A bill allowing same-sex couples to marry is expected to go before the Federal Parliament, before Christmas.  – Brooke Gibbs

Featured image by Montana Duncan.

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