Podcast: Reputation album review

The cover of Taylor Swift's new album, Reputation.

Taylor Swift’s latest album Reputation is sparking conversation throughout the music industry and listeners alike. Upon listening to Reputation, the album may just seem like a really great pop-album full of well-produced bangers about love and seeking revenge on past-friends that have betrayed your trust.

There’s been a lot of conversation in the music and pop press since the album was released on 10 November, particularly about This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things, a song that addresses the drama surrounding the controversial Kanye West song Famous, as well as which one of the album’s numerous love songs is about which of her ex-boyfriends.

However, the relentless attention on Swift’s personal life in album reviews has meant some of the arguably more interesting themes from this album are being overlooked, and it’s possibly one of the most important albums of the year for female empowerment.

In light of the current social conversations taking place around gender equality and female sexual liberation, these songs may be the most important ones on the album from a socio-cultural perspective.

Swift also sings about being happy being single, breaking the social expectation women frequently face.

Eden Borella spoke to Lachlan Guertin, a Youtuber who blogs regularly about Swift on his channel, to discuss all things Reputation and the importance of this album in 2017.