Deep sea critters join Museums Victoria collection

Sea Cucumber. Image by Rob Zugaro for Museums Victoria.

Faceless fish, spiny crabs, and flapjack octopus are some of the extraordinary deep sea creatures recently added to Melbourne Museum’s vast collection.

The new additions were brought back to Melbourne by scientists on the Investigator, an exploratory voyage led by Museums Victoria and supported by CSIRO and NESP Marine Biodiversity Hub.

The scientists travelled all the way from northern Tasmania to southern Queensland in the middle of this year to learn more about the deep sea environment along Australia’s east coast.

The month-long expedition explored up to four kilometres beneath the ocean’s surface – and returned with many weird and wonderful deep sea species.

The ‘faceless fish’. Photo via Museums Victoria.

Dr Tim O’Hara is senior curator of marine invertebrates for Museums Victoria, and served as chief scientist on the voyage. He shared his experiences with Hatch – including the sheer excitement at what the voyage had discovered – and shows off some of the animals brought back from the bottom of the ocean.

Be sure to check out the exhibition in the Biodiversity Hub at Melbourne Museum. For more information, see their website. 

Story and video by Lauren Kavanagh. Images by Museum Victoria

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