Creating great podcasts: tips from Alicia Sometimes

Macleay student Ashlyne McInnes interviews Alicia Sometimes of the Outer Sanctum Podcast.

Podcasting is a new and growing industry but how do you make it big? We got to hear first-hand from Alicia Sometimes of the ABC’s Outer Sanctum podcast.

Alicia is a multi-talented broadcaster, poet and writer who can be regularly heard on Radio National.

The Outer Sanctum is where Alicia and five other AFL-mad women talk passionately about football. The other motivation behind this podcast was to fill a gap within the media to talk about important issues such as sexism, racism and inequality in sport.

“There’s not just one voice. There’s not just one woman voice, there’s not just one gay voice. We really wanted to talk to a range of people,” she told Macleay students in Melbourne.

“We make sure we talk to someone from that community if we’re talking about a particular issue.”

Some key points Alicia would suggest when thinking about your own podcast is to know what you’re making, who you’re making it for, how you plan to make it, and where your audience will listen to it.

When thinking about the language you use in a podcast Alicia says it is important to “tell don’t show”; in other words to use descriptive language to help the listener “see” what you’re talking about – and to use sound effects, music, and ambient noise to create an engaging soundscape.

One big tip Alicia would give to interviewers is to always listen to your guest. Although it may be tempting to push through and get all your questions out, listening helps with follow up questions and makes for a more engaging interview.

Alicia says she is still learning even after 15 years in the industry and suggests that if you have an idea you should go for it and be confident about it.

“I wish I had the confidence when I was younger especially as a young woman to say you know what? I’ve got this,” she said.

“Don’t worry about failing because when I look back at my career I failed at so many things and I’m proud of that.”

Story by Ashlyne McInnes. Video by Kyle Standfield. Feature image by Jack Cain.