Black Friday on my mind … and on my nerves

Hype. I hate it! Black Friday? Forget it. And Amazon? Leave me alone while I sulk…

Like many others, I suspect, I was swept up by the hype about Amazon’s imminent Australian launch, an event announced many months back and trumpeted at a big social do at the Spring Carnival three weeks ago.

It’s supposed to launch before Christmas, and last week the media were abuzz with speculation that the global retailing giant would use “Black Friday” to gain maximum impact for its grand entrance.

(If you’ve been living under a rock for the past five years, Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year in the United States – akin to Australia’s Boxing Day sales frenzy – and is rapidly catching on here.)

Yeehah! You bloody beauty! I’d been planning to get a new iPhone and suddenly here was my chance! But my dream of more memory in a slick package faded as irrevocably as the Wallabies’ hopes of glory.

Despite all the media hype about a launch in time to snaffle some Black Friday bargains, searching for the vaunted Amazon spectacular was as futile as looking for hens’ teeth.

All that anticipation!

All that disappointment…

Apparently all Australia’s had so far is a “soft” launch  aimed at a privileged chosen few who can access Amazon’s full range. For everyone else – yes, that’s me – access seems to have been blocked. Supposedly it went live at 2pm on Thursday, but for this would-be user the much-anticipated bonanza, including everything from electronics to breakfast cereal to motorhomes, is yet to materialise.

Amazon’s regular token Australian sales items are still available, including all those exciting (yeah, right) Kindles and eBooks, but that isn’t Amazon as we know it from the US and UK sites.

In fairness, Amazon didn’t itself announce plans for a Thursday launch. That was touted by the mainstream media, based on leaked emails to retailers who’ve become part of the Amazon supplier network. Thanks for nothing, hype merchants…

So we wait. And hope.

Please, Mr Bezos: When it does finally happen, have some nice shiny iPhones on special. Please. – Caroline Layt /edited by Tony Kleu

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